Clean Dialog

Problem Dialog
If you have dialog that has background noise, or a reverb-y signal, or just not recorded optimally, we use iZotope’s RX Advance Audio Editor to remove or reduce all these problems and more.
Source Matching
We can also match recordings from different environments or microphones (within reason – dynamic microphones and condenser microphones use completely different technology, but we’ll get it sounding close.)
That annoyingly shrill sound in recordings, when they say “Sss” or “T”, that’s called sibilance. This can happen with close mic recordings. When sibilance is not dynamically controlled, it can sound harsh. We tame annoying sibilance, and any other concerns, in our hi-fi studio.

Immersive Sound

Sound Categories
We build a world within your story: Atmospheres (city/ocean/wind), People (walla, footsteps, clothing), Real sounds (hard fx, animals, machines), & Fictional (transitional sounds, low frequency rumbles, stingers/impacts).
Music Options
No music, no problem. We have a library of license-free music stems available for your production. We also compose, or can find you music within your budget.

Dynamic Impact

Sweet Mix
A delicate balance of Dialog, Music, and Sound Effects makes it or breaks it. If the mix is off, users will turn you off. We mix for clarity, then punch.
If loudness is what you want, we got you. We can push audio to the digital ceiling, or your hardware specifications.

Meet Standards

Loudness is the human perception of volume of a recording. There are standards across industries and continents for loudness thresholds. We mix to the edge of loudness standards, to be compliant and effective.

Balanced Mix

It call comes down to the mix. We mix on a full frequency range system, in an acoustically treated room. We use Avid Pro Tools as our DAW, and Apogee converters for the most true representation of the audio.
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After gear, comes experience. Our experience is vast across different mediums. An audio mix for surround playback at a convention hall is quite different than mastering sound effects in an app.

Plays On All Devices

We don’t mix for the lowest common speaker, however we do check on a tiny mono speaker, to listen to how the majority will listen. This ensures a consistent experience across all devices.


Our experience in audio is extensive – click below to learn our creative solutions to these select profiles.


  • Master engine tones, within NHTSA recommendations (referencing SAE J2889-1), to be played by under-vehicle speaker.
  • Create formulas for pitch and volume acceleration/deceleration.


  • Hours of recordings trimmed down to concise narration.
  • Remove plosives, mouth noises, etc.
  • Sound design.


  • Edit multiple takes into one best take from score.
  • Mix multi-track records similar to orchestral layout.


  • Consistent dialog levels throughout.
  • Surround mixing.
  • Sound design.


  • Match voiceover artists “sound” from different studios, into a consistent “tone” for web modules.
  • Create fantasy worlds such as arenas, and radio/telephone styles from traditional recordings.


  • Remove pauses, breaths, lip smacks, stutters, and “umms” so the listener can focus on the content.
  • Seamlessly cut music, for varying length.
  • Salvage poorly recorded audio.


  • Master sound effects for maximum impact and loudness for popular ride-sharing app.
  • Master music.


  • Write songs from ideas.
  • Arranging and production.



We will ask a series of questions to guide our work and determine the deliverables. This information helps us to give you a quote.


Let’s work together to make it perfect. Our work includes a number of revisions for you to help guide the creative, and sign off on the end result.


Now we get to work, creating, editing, fixing, and mixing. It may take some time, but its worth the wait!

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He is a deep listener. I can relax, and feel confident when he does the heavy lifting.
Ricky Fataar
Producer/Drummer for Bonnie Raitt

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Michael is an honest, hard working audio engineer. He has the kind of work ethic and technical ability that is hard to find… Michael can be counted on, which is essential to me.
Michelle Schmitt
Singer/Songwriter/Studio Owner

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Michael was a key player in getting my short film into the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival. He's a 5 star professional who I highly recommend. Michael's got great skills and always come through in the clutch! Now my short is getting a great reception on the festival circuit and in Hwood.
Murphy Hooker
Writer/Film Director/Producer

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Michael did the sound design and re record for a short film I made. He did a fantastic job. Although the budget was tight, Michael's work was very thorough and detailed … I have worked with 'big time' sound mixers in the past and think that Michael is as good if not better than some of them.
Nick Tomnay
Director “Swimming to France”

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Michael delivers. Let me be clear - media production in our industry is part of series of elements that MUST hit schedules along the lean-manufacturing process. It also requires creativity and a focus on small details but without the luxury of extra time. Under Michael's direction, Afloat Productions meets ALL the promised deadlines and exceeds the quality expectations routinely … He takes the extra time in the beginning stages to understand the big picture, not just his contribution. This is why he is our Audio Studio of choice.
Vincent Caminiti
Managing Director at STI Books and Media

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My band began working with Afloat Productions two years ago, and since then, we've turned to Michael Gray and company for all our audio production and engineering needs. I honestly cannot express enough the amount of professionalism and expertise he brought to our project. Michael Gray was always available, reliable and willing to go above and beyond to make things sound great.
Zubiar Jeewanjee
The La Las

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Michael Gray is consistently on time, on point and on target with the final products that he delivers to his clients … He shows immediate care and understanding for every project that comes his way, being sure to stay in constant communication with his client so that they can move forward together in the right direction.
Michael Roache
Studio Manager, Pyramind


Project quotes available upon request. Please include links to your media for the most accurate estimate.


Los Angeles, CA